Unique Handmade Gift Ideas

Are you looking for a unique gift idea for:

parents who already have everything?

children with too many toys?

bachelors with money to burn?

show your love with a homemade gift!

These ideas are divided into categories to help you search through them quickly. Many of the ideas could be adapted for anyone so if you don’t find the perfect idea in one category, try another!

Handmade Gift Ideas by Category

gifts for
teens & kids

handmade fingerless glovesDo you knit? Fingerless gloves are in style with teen girls! Embellish with some fun buttons!

Gifts for Men

vinyl record album clockFind their favorite record album at the thrift shop or garage sale, add a clockwork kit and you've made a unique room accent for music lovers!

Gifts For women

Photo thanks to Martin Pettitt and flickr.comMake fun new house numbers using paint, glass mosaic, woodcarving...whatever YOUR specialty skill is!

Food Gift Ideas

food gift basketPrepare a gift basket full of the fruits of your labor! Jams, cookies, spice mixes...

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Great Homemade Gift Ideas From Other Visitors

Enjoy these visitor-submitted ideas for homemade gifts!

Boredom Cure Capsule 
To make a Boredom Cure Capsule, all you need is a large see thru bottle and some colored paper! Directions: Cut the paper into 3-4 inch squares. …

Handmade Books 
These are my favorite handmade books to give as gifts. I have always loved making homemade books since I was a kid, but I have turned it into a full fledged …

Recipes from Mom 
I have 6 daughters. I am making them a recipe book from mom. Passing down recipes from my mother and grandmother who are gone to Heaven. I want my daughters …

Great hand-made Wedding or Anniversary gift! 
I saw this on a home makeover show and intend to make one for myself and family members. A simple wooden wall plaque with a frame or molding around it, …

Ping Pong Gifts 
Two ping pong gifts: If your guy plays ping pong like mine, make homemade ping pong string lights for his game room (man cave.) Take multi-colored christmas …

Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix 
I do up a big batch of spiced hot chocolate mix every year - it's very easy, and my recipe makes enough to fill a 1 gallon ice cream bucket, plus enough …

pillows made from mens shirts 
Making sure the shirt is buttoned, Cut a 15 inch square on the front of the shirt where the pocket and buttons are having the buttons in the middle of …

Gift for Guitar Player 
I wanted to make a gift for a guitar player friend of mine. He plays outdoors sometimes and so I thought of a pair of fingerless gloves to keep his hands …

A Memory Quilt 
When my son was young I worked at a company in southern Missouri that made hats. This was the era of the sixties and everyone had a crazy hat of some sort. …

Homemade Marshmallows 
For Christmas last year, I gave a bunch of my friends little "Hot Chocolate Kits." First, I discovered that making marshmallows wasn't all that difficult. …

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