A Handmade Fathers Day Gift

Do you need a handmade Fathers Day gift idea? Save money and let your dad know how special he is with a homemade Fathers Day gift. You can make these gifts with inexpensive supplies you may already have on hand!

For a sweet handmade Fathers Day gift, use a hot glue gun to attach a straw or long slender stick to the back of a candy bar. Repeat with at least a dozen more (all one kind or a variety). Place a cube of florists foam in a flower pot or other container. Push the candy bar sticks into the foam to arrange a candy bar bouquet.

Using store bought or homemade crusts, assemble five or ten personal pizzas with your dad's favorite sauces and toppings. Freeze them on a cookie sheet, then wrap individually and store in a freezer bag. Note: To make a great homemade crust, mix up your favorite Italian bread dough recipe. Roll out balls of dough into 8-12 inch circles. Lightly toast them on both sides in a hot skillet. Cool before assembling if you are using them for frozen pizzas.

Make dad a secret place to hide his valuables. Pick a thick book (at least 1 and 1/2 inches). Use a razor to cut out a three to four inch square out in the center of the middle pages until you have a compartment about half an inch thick or more OR...

Cut a circle of cardboard that will fit in the bottom of a large jar. Glue a toilet paper holder to the circle so it stands up like a tower on the base. Place the tower down in the jar and cut off any of the tube that is higher than the jar lip. Now carefully pour in a bunch of screws around the outside of the tube until you can no longer see the tube through the jar. Decorate the lid as you wish for his handmade Father's Day gift.

If you want a homemade Fathers Day gift that will be treasured even by future generations, put together a media tribute to your father with old slides, photographs, or video footage. Use an editing program or even a simple screen saver slide show with photos celebrating your dad's life.

Make your dad his own custom "Bathroom Reader" filled with interesting bits of trivia, humorous quotes and fun how-to directions.

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