Handmade Child Gift Ideas

A handmade child gift is a great choice for our family because one look into our toy closet tells me we don't need any more!

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I was just watching home video of my teens when they were little and Grandma gave them homemade pillows for Christmas. My youngest was so thrilled with this gift, he pretty much forgot there were still more to open! Here are some of my favorite handmade kid gift ideas:

Photo thanks to suzettesuzette/flickr.com

Make a throw pillow or a large floor pillow with fabric that shows a favorite character or creature. Better yet, cover an old pillow you don’t want anymore! If you can't sew (or don't want to), try a school color felt pillow. Buy two of those felt rectangles found at any craft store. Hot glue them together on three sides, leaving one end open. Turn to the other side and stuff with fluff, rags or an old T-shirt. Hot glue the end shut and there you have it!

Read a collection of children’s books onto cassette and add a special holiday message at the end.

Photo thanks to *kkr! and flickr.com

This is a great handmade kid gift for a woodworker who has extra scraps lying around. Hand-paint a set of wooden blocks with age appropriate designs – dots and checkers for babies; windows, doors, etc. for older children.

Collect a dress up wardrobe with old makeup, lacy shirts, leotards or stockings, fur coats, hats, gloves, belts, anything to inspire imaginative play.

Photo thanks to cam_rich345 and flickr.com

Purchase a medium sized see thru plastic tub with lid and fill it with colored rice and a couple of small scoops to provide a young child with fun. (It sounds like a messy handmade child gift, but our friends allow only one child at a time to sit at the table and the rule is If rice spills out of the container, the tub is put away.)

Personalize a tote bag with the child’s name using fabric paints or iron-on letters. You can also put the name or logo of his/her favorite band or club.

From http://chezbeeperbebe.blogspot.com

Make several different shaped bean bags out of scrap fabric and include directions for several games to play using the bean bags. (Click on photo for link to tutorial from Holly at chezbeeperbebe.blogspot.com.)

Put together a special photo album just for them. It can have a theme such as “Our Vacation” or “My Friends” or be eclectic.

Use one or more large boxes (try an appliance store) and duct tape to create a playhouse, sailing ship, fort, space pod, or system of tunnels. Next paint and/or decorate with flags, pictures, and streamers.

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