Handmade Books

by Amie

Handmade Christmas Book - Photo: the Italian voice/flickr.com

Handmade Christmas Book - Photo: the Italian voice/flickr.com

These are my favorite handmade books to give as gifts. I have always loved making homemade books since I was a kid, but I have turned it into a full fledged hobby as an adult! Now with print on demand services, I have also begun making some of my books online and then friends and family can order copies as they wish. It is very rewarding either way.

One of the books I made to print was a joint effort between me and my niece, who likes to draw. We collaborated on a humorous story based on an event that recently happened at one of our family reunions. We gave each family a copy for Christmas.

Another book I did was a recipe A-B-C book for my daughter when she was five. Each letter had a food that someone in our family liked to make. That one I just did in page protectors so we can wipe the pages clean when cooking. That was an easy one that went together in just a few hours.

My brother is the biggest Styx fan and so I did a songbook for him with Styx lyrics, only I changed them so that all the songs were about him and his life. I got some help from my husband on that one because he is really good at rhyming. Also, my brother's wife changed a few of my lines so they were even funnier. We were all like kids waiting for him to open it. My brother's son even learned one or two of the songs so he could play them on his guitar and sing the new lyrics.

Let's see. What else is there? I have also done quite a few quotes books based on those little pocket sized books that were popular. I just fit the quotes to the person I am making the book for. My favorite was one I did for my dad which had family quotations in it – things each of us are known for saying. That brought a few laughs around the table on Fathers Day. :-)

Note from Mel:
Wow! What a lot of great ideas! I would like to try some of these myself this year. I especially enjoy the last one. My family has a lot of funny quotes too. Thanks for the submission!

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