Grocery Bag Holder

by Molly F.

A friend gave us a grocery bag holder that can hang on a doornob. My grandmother saw it and really liked it, so for Christmas I figured out how to copy it and made one for her. She loved it!

I didn't use a pattern, but here's some general instructions (it's not that picky, so long as the bags don't fall out!)

It doesn't really matter how tall it is, so long as it's shorter than the distance from your doornob to the ground. Make a rectangle of fabric and sew it into a tube. Next make the ruffles by folding a rectangle of pink fabric in half and stitching in some narrow elastic. Then sew the ruffle to the top, and make another one for the bottom.

Next make a handle out of matching ribbon/fabric and sew it to the top. If you want you could add a pocket.

To use: wad up plastic bags and stuff in through the top. When you need a bag, pull it out from the bottom.

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