Great hand-made Wedding or Anniversary gift!

by D. Johnston

I saw this on a home makeover show and intend to make one for myself and family members. A simple wooden wall plaque with a frame or molding around it, (I like the rustic and crackled paint affect), that reads:

The Smiths
Est. 1998

The look is that of an old store front sign, a vintage style font that could be hand painted. You could distress the paint and wood for an antique look. I would paint the base color black, do a crackle paint overlay in antique white and use a dark sage green or burnt orange for the lettering. I would paint the frame around the plaque a solid color. You could cut your own wood and router it, but many craft stores have blank plaques to make your project easier.

You could paint whatever style works for you or the person you are gifting to. I just loved this simple but sentimental idea!

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