Grandparents Day Gifts

Here is a quick list of Grandparents Day gifts. There are a few homemade gifts for Grandparents Day, Grandparents Day crafts and also some easy gifts to order online!

  • Take your grandparent on a trip to a place from his or her early memories or ancestery. For example: birthplace, homeland, family vacation spot, church, college, etc. 

  • A cheaper version of the last gift is to locate a photo of one of these places (home, school, church, etc.) and have it enlarged and framed. Many libraries have online photographs of all the homes in their city that you can print yourself. You could do Grandparents Day crafts with this idea too: Paint a picture of the house or building, make a frame for the printed picture, etc.

  • In surveys, people say that their favorite gifts include photos. I think this is especially true of grandparents who like to show their friends and other relatives how their family is growing and changing. After a friend told me about the digital picture frame her family got for her grandparents with online memberships that allow you to upload the pictures remotely online. If you are going for something less expensive, do a photo album filled with photos. Gather photos of a special occasion, time period or individual family members and put them all in a nice album with sleeve protectors.
  • Cold weather is coming so buy or make gifts for Grandparents Day that will keep your grandpa or grandma warm like a nice pair of slippers or moccasins, a set of flannel sheets, a draft stopper or an electric blanket. 

  • Magazine subscriptions make great Grandparents Day gifts because they keep giving all year. Pick a hobby, travel, or inspirational magazine. Consider a large print version, if needed.
  • For grandparents who travel a lot visiting family, find or make them things to make the trips more comfortable such as: travel pillow, ear plugs, silk eye mask, GPS (if it won't be too frustrating for them),
  • Prepare small single portions of family favorite desserts and freeze them as Grandparents day gifts. See more food gifts here
  • Get the family together and have a vintage black and white photograph taken. You can dress up in old timey costumes and include props that are special to the family (instruments, stuffed animal, pet, etc.). 
  • Go online and order the history of your family name and crest or do a small painting of your crest as a Grandparents Day craft. 
  • Call a housecleaning service and purchase a gift certificate for one housecleaning. Your grandparent may want to use it in preparation for coming holidays. If you have more time than money, give a homemade gift certificate good for one house cleaning.
  • Set up a standing date for taking your grandparent out to lunch once every month this year OR give an invitation to come to your house for a meal once a month.

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