Grandparents Day Activities

Here are some unique Grandparents Day activities, crafts and gifts to enjoy with your family in September.

  • This Grandparents Day activity can be for a whole family or just you and your grandparent(s). Gather colored paper, stickers, pens or markers and a large poster board to create a family tree OR put together a family tree scrapbook with photos, names, birthdates and lineage charts. If you have a crowd, have everyone work on their own page showing a different family or family member.
  • Interview your grandparent on video to preserve memories. If your grandparent has a skill, ability or hobby such as playing the banjo or restoring old cars, record this and get them talking about how they started. You can also ask questions like: What do you remember about the first day you were a grandparent? What do you remember about your grandparents? Who is your favorite grandchild?...Naw, just kidding! 
  • If you want time for several Grandparents Day activities, organize a family reunion for this year. Plan a day of food, games, talking, talking, and talking some more. 
  • Ask your grandparent to join you in putting on a little show for the rest of the family. You could have a cooking show demonstrating a family favorite recipe with you as the assistant chef. You could perform a humorous "then and now" comedy routine. You could compose a song or poem about the special relationship between grandparents and grandchildren and present it together.  
  • These ideas for Grandparents Day sparkle! Gather one or more other relatives and wash your grandparents windows with one person on the outside and one on the inside OR wash your grandparents cars.

  • Plan and prepare a picnic, brunch or dinner for Grandparents Day. Invite each family member or guest to tell one memory about the honored guests and to ask one question about a memory the grandparents have. Get ready for a meaningful day of sharing. 
  • Ask around with family and friend to see if you can find any newsworthy events that took place in your grandparent's life. This doesn't have to be CBS Evening News. Look at small local papers and church or school papers. The news might be about work accomplishments, sports events or club projects (Boy Scouts, Rotary, Kiwanis, etc.) Assemble a story board with copies of the articles, photos, family memories, and souvenirs. 

When is Grandparents Day?

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