A Gourmet Food Gift Idea

When I work on a gourmet food gift idea, I usually get my children involved. I like food gifts that my family and friends might not make for themselves.

One year we baked up a huge batch of our "Gophers Granola" and packaged it in bags with handmade labels. The whole family loved it! Here are some other really tasty treats for you to make:

My favorite gourmet food gift idea for men is beef jerky. The guys I know love it! My husband's favorite recipe is actually made with venison, but I also have seen recipes for ground beef or turkey. You can get quite a lot of jerky out of one big piece of meat. A food dehydrator is the ideal tool, but a tray in the oven works just as well. Make up a big batch ahead of time and store in the freezer until the holidays.

Fill a jar with homemade candy and label it with one of these: Do Not Open - In Case Of Emergency Only, Bad Day at Work Emergency Candy, Bill Time Treats, Mom's Medicine, or Rewards for Doing Housework.

Prepare and bottle your own favorite sauce. One year I made pesto for my uncle, who loves pasta, but doesn't love to cook. You can make BBQ sauce, blueberry pancake syrup, spicy mustard, etc.

Make bread, pretzel or cookie dough and shape it into the letters of the recipient's name or into a holiday message like "Merry Christmas!" Top with seeds, dried fruit, sprinkles, etc.

Stir together a muffin mix or go ahead and prepare the muffins. Add a card that says, "After reviewing the year, you're getting "Muffin" for Christmas!"

Try a box of pretzel logs dipped in melted caramel or chocolate and rolled in nuts, toffee bits, sprinkles, etc.

Mix up a batch of homemade salsa and put it in jars with a tag that says, "Add a little spice to your holidays!"

Buy or make some wheat crackers and prepare a cheese ball. Include a card that says, "I'm not trying to be cheesey, but I hope you have a ball this holiday season!"

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