Give a Gift Which Will Change Your Child's Life for the Better

by Craig Thompson
(Cleveland TN)

For my son's 13th birthday, I gave him a gift unlike any other I've heard of to this point. For the next 52 weeks, he would meet once per week with a godly man. Over the course of a year, 52 different men agreed to spend some time ranging from an hour to a full day with my son. The insights they have shared with him include thoughts on dating, marriage, career choices, frugal living, how to hunt, how to grow closer to God and more. He's watched men at work and at play. He's gotten to ask questions and answer their questions. He's grown as a young man while becoming more confident in his interactions with others.

You can read his story and adventures on his website at

We have links there to some of the different places in the news which have found the story interesting.

Why am I listing this? Because YOU can do the same. If you have a child, consider arranging a similar type of encounter for him or her, even if it's not 52 people.

If you don't have children, you can look for a needy child who could benefit from your involvement. Once per week or once per month, you could be the catalyst to break the cycle of depression, dependence, or defeat which looms in a child's future without good guidance.

From Mel: I ran into Craig's website through a friend of mine and I have been following it ever since. This is the ultimate example of an experience gift...and this one will change your child's life!

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