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Creative Gifts for the Girl You Love

Whether you're the kind of guy who is looking for your girlfriend Christmas gift idea months in advance to have adequate prep time or the kind who is searching the day before Christmas, you can find an idea here that will show her how much you like making her smile.

If you choose a practical gift (and there are plenty of women who love practical gifts) you can turn it into something really special by including one small feminine gift inside or along side it.

For example, wrap a bracelet around the vacuum hose or fill the car organizer with her favorite chocolates or tickets to a show inside a pretty grocery tote bag. Just make sure she finds it!

 Fun Christmas Gifts for Your Girlfriend

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"World Tour" - Here is a girlfriend Christmas gift idea to help the winter go by. Give her an invitation to join you for a "world tour" throughout the coming year, visiting different ethnic restaurants in the area, one county per month.

Bonus points if you cook an ethnic meal for her, or sign up the two of you for an ethnic cooking class together.

Toys from Childhood - Ask her family and friends what toys she really loved as a child and look for one of these on ebay or other online stores. If you think she'll like the memory more than the actual item, you could find her an advertisement (to frame) or a pillow case, mug, towel or other useful item with the characters.

Hobby  or Sports Supplies - What activities have the two of you enjoyed together? Fishing, woodworking, movie making, working out? Give her supplies or equipment for an activity you'd like to do more of together!

Personalized Calendar - Use photos of the two of you together to make a full-size or mini calendar for her.

Knight in Shining Armor - Put together a Knight in Shining Armor kit:  Wireless key finder tags, GPS,  pepper spray or stun gun for personal protection,  membership in a roadside assistance program.

Art Show - Find out what traveling art displays will be coming to art museums or towns near you. Buy tickets in advance and give her an invitation to go with you at a time when one of her favorite artists/styles - or something completely new - will be open for viewing.  Think outside the box: comic book art, miniature art, primitive art, etc.

What's in a Name? - Find her one small gift that starts with each letter of her name or one bracelet charm that starts with each letter of her name.

Or something personalized with her name, or BOTH of your names...

Photo thanks to Stefano Chiarelli

Sports Time - Get her a stuffed animal, t-shirt, purse or other fan item with her favorite team's logo and tickets to a game.

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