10 Gifts Under 10 Dollars

Actually, I have curated a list of 10 gift recipients with multiple gift ideas under $10 in each category!

Score for you!

1. For Co-workers, Boss, or Students:  Or, you know, anyone who has stress. What's that you say? Who DOESN'T have stress??? Give them a stress relief ball, stress putty, or dammit doll, and let them work out their frustrations! 

2. For Coffee,Tea, or Wine Lovers - A new travel mug, desk mug, mug warmer, tea infuser, or package of loose tea or coffee beans. Wine stoppers, aerators, or glass charms.

3. Page-A-Day Calendars - Something for everyone.  Quotes, facts, cartoons, puzzles--and who can resist cats???

4. For the Environmentally Conscious: Totes and Reuseable Shopping Bags - Great to keep in the car, or thin nylon bags will even fit in a purse.

5. For the Writer:  People who are journalers can never have enough blank books, amiright? 

6. For the Artist:  In the same vein as journals, artists can never have enough sketchbooks.

7. For the Creative: Adult Coloring Books and Doodling/Lettering - Great for stress relief, adult coloring books are all the rage these days. 

Also popular is learning to draw your own coloring pages, journal decorations, and greeting cards. For beginners, Zentangle is a great way to learn to doodle.  

Or perhaps a book on lettering, with or without a set of calligraphy pens.

8. For the Cook: A portable digital timer that counts both up and down is always handy to have, especially if the cook is in the habit of leaving the kitchen while things are in the oven!

Specialty Salts and seasoning mixes are always welcome gifts.

9. For the Puzzler: Puzzle books, small puzzle toys, and strategy games are always a hit!

10. For the Game Player: Game players will enjoy getting a new game, new deck of cards, or new coasters to use on game night.

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