10 Gifts Under 10 Dollars

Gifts under 10 dollars sound great to me! When I need a cheap present, I actually come to my own site for inspiration and this is one of my favorite pages! I need to print it out and keep it in my purse.

Since gift giving is NOT supposed to be a competition...and I don't have a lot to spend anyways...I turn it into a competition with myself. The goal: to find the very nicest gift for the very lowest amount - in this case, a gift under 10.00!

These are ten gifts that almost anyone I know would use and enjoy:

1. Calendar

2. Local Discount Coupon Book

3. Digital Timer or Alarm

4. Mirror (for office, car, shower, etc.)

5. Tea Pot for One or Insulated Coffee Mug

6. Electronic Handheld Game

7. Stylish CD Carrying Case

8. Flavored Coffee or Tea

9. Potted Herb or Flower

10. Lined Journal (for writers) or Unlined Journal (for artists)

10 More Gifts Under Ten Dollars!

It has been many years since I wrote the list above and since then I have collected thousands more gifts ideas that I keep in a file in one of my on-the-go bags. (With five children, you never know when you might have a chance to get something done!)

Here is a second list of ten more gifts:

1.Tote bag

2. iTunes Gift Certificate

3. Large Bath Towel

4. Relaxation CD

5. Scarf

6. Personalized or Colorful Note Pads

7. Puzzle Book

8. Wine or Fancy Flavored Sodas

9. Throw Pillow

10. Ear Buds

If you have given a gift that cost you less than ten dollars, submit it here and you could win great prizes from this website's sponsors! Find out the details about my contests here.

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