Gifts for Parents

Gifts for parents are sometimes hard to think of. Take a look at these creative ideas from readers, first some membership gifts and then personalized gift ideas for parents:

Membership Gifts for Parents

A gym nearby was running a sign up special so I got my parents two months membership. They joked about what I was trying to tell them so I told them I was saying that I hoped they'd be around a long time. I was pretty glad when they actually started going and they have kept the membership up. - Brett in Norman, OK

My brother and I got my mom a membership that goes with a digital frame. Since we live far away from her, this makes it easy to send her pictures of our children. - Lynn 

Gifts for parents are tough. Last year I got mine a subscription to a family history website because they always said they wanted to research our family history. - Cindy in Fairfax, VA

I have gotten several relatives including my parents memberships at Costco or Sams (depending on where they live) and everyone has been really grateful for such a practical gift. I like that I am not getting them any clutter and the price is right about what I am able to spend per family. - Pati in San Antonio, TX

My parents are big into motorcycles so I payed for a year long membership to a motorcycle club in their area. - JJ in Elkhart, IN

Personalized Gifts for Parents

I ordered a set of matching mugs as gifts for mom and dad that had half of a family joke on one mug and half on the other. They drink coffee together each morning so the mugs are always out together. They thought it was a pretty creative gift and my aunt wants me to order another set for her and my uncle. - Julee in Charleston, SC

I painted a planter for my parents' front porch with flowers and their last name. You could also paint the mailbox or a sign for the front door. - Calgary, Canada

I used transfer paper to customize those reusable shopping bags from the grocery store with family pictures and I made four for my parents, who loved them! -no name

Find a set of bathrobes on sale and stitch their initials on or if you don't sew you can use iron-on cut out letters for the lapel or the back or you could do the words MOM and DAD instead of their initials. - Jacqueline

I took an old picture of me and my brother when we were babies and cut out our silhouette. Then I glued the silhouette to some thick foam board and cut that out with a razor to make this kind of 3D art. I made a little stand for it out of clay but you could also use a little piece of wood with a groove cut in it or glue the bottom edge of the silhouette to another piece of foam board to make it stand up. - Cory in Ithaca, NY

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