Great Gifts for New Moms

Looking for a gift idea for a new mom? Something for HER, not just the baby? 

These new mom gift ideas are sure to please.

A Bidet 

A bidet is a total game-changer, both during pregnancy and after birth. Not as common in America as they are in Europe, bidets are becoming much more popular in the U.S., especially after "the great TP shortage of 2020". 

It used to be that you could only get a bidet as a separate plumbed fixture in your bathroom. Not very convenient to install after your house is already built. But nowadays, it's much easier. You can get a decent add-on to your current toilet seat for less than $50, or you can go all the way up to a deluxe heated seat with warm water spray, warm air dryer, nightlight and lots of other bells-n-whistles for a couple hundred dollars.

During late pregnancy, it becomes reach the necessary regions that need to be attended to. And after birth, especially if there was an episiotomy where stitches were required, I cannot begin to elaborate on what a blessing this will be in her life!

This will be the gift she may have never realized she needed, and it will be at the top of her list of best baby shower gifts if you give it to her. If she plans on using cloth diapers, you score a double-play here because there are even models that have a hand-held spray hose, which is super-useful for rinsing poopy cloth diapers.

IMPORTANT: Regardless of which style you gift her, MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE you have arranged for installation of this gift! It is a simple enough DIY install, but there is not a single pregnant or newly postpartum woman on earth who wants to be on her hands and knees trying to wedge her body into the narrow opening between the toilet and the wall or vanity to do it! Offer to do it for her, arrange for her partner to do it, or prearrange and appointment with a plumber--just make sure that this gift is not one that makes more work for her!

Grocery Delivery Service

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

A one-year subscription to her local grocery delivery service, such as Shipt or Instacart, is another must-have for new moms. 

Being able to stay home with baby while someone fetches whatever she suddenly finds herself out of (y'know...diapers, coffee, toilet paper...) is going to be a huge help for baby's first year. 

Whether a small order of just a few essentials or a two-week stockup,  having someone else fight the traffic, parking, shopping and schlepping all the bags is WORTH ITS WEIGHT IN GOLD when you have to do it all with a baby in tow. Or a toddler AND a baby. 

If you don't want to gift a whole year's membership, you can also use your own membership to have groceries delivered to her address, so you might just want to order up a one-time gift, like a meal of frozen lasagna, frozen garlic bread, a bag of salad, a frozen pie, and a few basic necessities, like the aforementioned coffee and TP.