A Gift Under 20 Dollars?
Here are Some Great Ones!

These are some nice ideas for a gift under 20 dollars.  

They fit any occasion.

It doesn't get much easier than this!

For anyone who has ever wanted to cut anything:

A set of these Heavy-Duty Multifunction Shears with Utility Knife are a must-have in every kitchen drawer. These puppies can cut apart a whole chicken, a cardboard box, and that crazy hard plastic packaging that is otherwise impenetrable.

A great gift because if they don't already have a pair, then they absolutely need one. And if they do already have one, then they already know how great they are, and are wishing they had a second pair to keep in the garage!

For the gadget lover who has everything:

The motion-activated Motion Sensor LED Toilet Night Light turns on automatically when it senses you walk in the door, and shuts off by itself after you leave. Choose one of the 8 colors to display, or let it cycle through them all!

For the Chef:

A set of Ceramic Kitchen Knives with Fruit Peeler and Knife Stand. Ceramic knives are super-sharp and fantastic for cutting tomatoes, celery, and even meats. Fairly new on the scene, ceramic knives are one of those things you see and wonder about, but are reluctant to buy for yourself, so they make a great gift!

For the Wine Lover:

For the person who is always misplacing their keys:

...or losing the tv remote, or their cellphone, or the cat...

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