Gift Ideas for Parents Day

Here are some fun gift ideas for Parents Day from readers. Some are homemade, some store bought plus a few fun activity gifts for Parents Day. Enjoy!

My gift ideas for parents – set of tv trays, new bath towels, emergency kit for car, restaurant gift certificate or movie theater gift certificate, discount coupon book from your area so they can save money all over town. - Bobby in Grinnell, IA

Each year for Parents Day, I look around my parents' house and try to replace something that is worn out. Things I've replaced: toaster, cosmetic/toiletries bag, remote control, house plants. - Teena in WI

I made my mom and dad magnets using cutouts from photos of each grandchild. - Susan in Boise, ID

I got my parents a digital picture frame, which they love! I can email pictures from my computer (which I love) and my kids have a kick out of making speech bubbles and other funny additions from a website we found. - Darren in Orem, UT

Note from Mel: Here is what I think about digital frames as a gift for parents

I sewed a set of chair pads for my parents' outdoor furniture. - Kelly in Peachtree City GA

I got online and made a custom calendar as a gift for my parents. I used pictures of my brother and me for each month and set it up to start out with August so they could start using it right away. - NJ

For Parents Day, my son and I always take my mom and step dad on a picnic somewhere fun. We went to a little waterfall once and to a park with a merry go round last year and just different spots we want to visit together. -no name

Last year my sister and I sat down and brainstormed gift ideas for parents because ours have everything they need! They tell us regularly, “Don't get us anything. Just having you with us is a gift enough.” (And they mean it.) We know they enjoy being with our husbands and children but for Parents Day, Christmas and other special times, we have started setting up a special time for just the two of us hang out with them. We usually do simple things together like eat out or go shopping but they have really enjoyed this time alone with us. - Beth in Temecula, CA

I made my parents a homemade outdoor flag. All you have to do is get some nylon fabric, wet it slightly, and then paint the design you want with acrylic paint. After it dries, carefully tape around the edges with colored duct tape to keep the edges from fraying. I actually made the hanging loops out of duct tape too, though maybe there is a better way to do it. It has held up ok though and my dad said he likes displaying my artwork on the front of his house! - Juan in Mc Allen, TX

For Parents Day, I ran an ad in the local paper with a picture of my parents holding me as a baby and a thank you to them for all the time, energy and love they have poured into my life. It was fun because I was at their house the day the ad came out and all day people kept calling to say they had seen it. My parents really liked it. - Curt

My mom is my only living parent and she works full time so I paid a teenage friend of mine to come clean her house. It didn't cost very much and it sure made my mom happy. - no name

Parents Day is a “minor” holiday but I still like to celebrate it, just to let my parents know they are important to me. This year I am making a scrapbook that has memories from me and my brother about the way our parents raised us – you know, just the things they have taught us and experiences they helped us through, fun trips together and stuff like that. Its just a mini scrapbook cause I don't have time for a big one, but its turning out pretty neat. - Janae in CO

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