Experience Gift Ideas for Mom
"I Will Never Forget That Mothers Day!"

"These gift ideas for mom don't involve clutter...and that's a plus for most all of the mothers I know. How great to give your mom an experience she'll love instead."

Since a time many years ago when a smart aunt of mine gave my son a zoo membership as a get-well gift, I have looked far and wide for exciting "experience" gift ideas. I love all kinds of gifts, but since experiences have the potential to communicate so much, I give them extra attention. I think they make the best gifts for mom.

Day at the Lake

Mark lives near a lake in Southeast Texas. "This year for Mothers Day, I wanted to really let my mom know that we enjoyed her and appreciated her. We've been so busy with our new business that we haven't spent a lot of time together, " he says. "I called a local marina and reserved a jet ski. My wife and I packed a picnic and picked up Mom for a day at the beach. It was the first time any of us had ridden a jet ski so we had some good laughs figuring the thing out. The cost was about the same as a nice dinner out, but so much more memorable. My mom said she never would have gone jet skiing by herself, but was so glad she could say she had done it."

Body Art

"For years my mom has said she might get a tattoo someday," says Jody, from South Bend, Oregon, "But then she'd admit she really didn't have the courage to do something that permanant. I found a girl at college who did really amazing henna tattoos - the kind that wash off in a couple weeks. My sisters and I were trying to come up with gift ideas for mom. We decided to all chip in to have this girl come to my house on Mothers Day morning for a couple hours and do henna tattoos for us all. Since I hosted, my sisters picked mom up and made breakfast. Mom sure enjoyed the chance to show of her "tattoos" for a little while.

Mothers Day Tea Party

My daughters and their friends planned a delightful tea party for the moms in our church group. They all dressed up in their finest "maid" clothes and the older ones held a little training time for them to learn how to properly serve. They had finger sandwiches and special desserts plus hot and iced tea. At each place were conversation starter questions and party favors for us to take home later. There was light orchestra music playing and fresh flowers on the tables. It was so pretty and a fun afternoon for all.

A Weekend NOT Away

"Instead of sending my wife away for the weekend, I got all of us OUT of the house and left her there!" says  Bryan from Fountain Valley, CO. "I took the children and spent the weekend at my parents. Before we went, we cleaned the house for her so she wouldn't do that during the weekend and then I did a quick grocery run for some of her favorite foods. That was it. Easy. What can I say? She loved it. Great gifts for mom don't have to cost a lot."

DIY Class

Sonya's mom had been saving up for a little while to remodel her 1970's kitchen. Sonya had promised to help with painting and anything she could to help keep costs down. "When mom got an estimate for the floor, I thought it was way too high and decided that, somehow, we could do it ourselves. Just a week later I saw a class on how to lay tile advertised in the paper. I signed us both up. Then we spent Mothers Day doing our very first tile project! Every time I'm over, mom tells me how great the floor looks." Sonya says that she prefers to give someone the gift of her time over anything else. "I think people appreciate your time more than just about anything," she says.

Chocolate & Cheese Party 

"We have a great Mothers Day tradition in our family," says Marilyn from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. "We all meet at my parents house each year after church. My brothers make cheese fondue. I do a chocolate fountain. Everyone brings plenty of food to dip. We graze all afternoon while playing games indoors and outdoors. Its one of our kids' favorite days of the year - and of course, my mother loves any chance to have us all together. The best gifts for mom involve time."

If your family needs gift ideas for mom, have a brainstorm session and think about what mom would like to do or accomplish. What does she put off for "someday"? Where has she always wanted to go? With a little creativity, anyone can turn experiences into great gifts for mom!

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