Homemade Gift Ideas for Dad

Here are gift ideas for dad  that you can make yourself for little or no money. Thank you to all the visitors who have sent in stories and pictures of the gifts you have made!

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  • Brandon in VT - I made my dad a boot dryer as a Fathers day gift. First I cut a square out of plywood and then nailed 2 foot sections of dowel to it so the dowels stick straight up. To use it, you turn your boots upside down over the dowels. (You can see directions for a similar rack here.)
  • No name - I made a clock out of the motherboard of my old computer for my dad's office. It looked pretty cool. You can make clocks out of almost anything with a little kit from Hobby Lobby or a craft store.
  • Sarah in Sidney NB - My mom and I found some letters my dad wrote to my grandparents when he was on a ship in the Navy. I created something like a scrapbook page with the letters and a picture of him the day he joined, but instead of putting it into a scrapbook, I framed it. When he opened it at Christmas, he said it was one of the best gifts he had ever gotten.
  • Kyla in St. Joseph MO - I found some camo fabric and sewed up some heating packs as gifts for dad, grandpa and my uncles. I just filled each sack with rice but I have also heard you can use cherry pits and other things.
  • Shasta in Fortuna CA - I'm sure this gift idea for dad wouldn't be for everybody, but my dad is definitely a hippy at heart. I took three pairs of white cotton boxers and tie-dyed them. He now wears them under his suit in court!

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