Gift Baskets for Dad...
from Imaginative Moms!

These gift baskets for dad are simple to assemble, but full of fun. Many thanks to the very creative mothers who gave me these unique ideas!

Marti and her husband have six children so she assigned each child one of the letters in FATHER and told them to find or make a gift that started with that letter. They ended up with a fishing magazine, a bag of Almond Roca, a tie clip, a CD of Handel's music, a new pair of Ear Buds for his MP3 and Robert Ludlum's Bourne Identity. Marti provided the basket to put everything in.

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In a small wire basket or bathroom friendly container, gather shaving supplies such as facial lotion or oil, brush and mug, shaving cream or soap, after shave, and a razor with extra blades. Corrie and her daughter included a hand mirror and a little travel bag in their gift baskets for dad and grandpa.

Find or make several new card games and put them in a decorated box that has a lid along with some popcorn, candy or other snacks. Janae from Orlando made one of these for her father and took her two sons with her to deliver it on Fathers Day morning. “We ended up staying the whole day, playing cards with dad. He said he needed help breaking in the decks!”

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When Rochelle asked her four year old son what they should get his dad for Christmas, he said ICE CREAM so Rochelle decided to make an ice cream sundae gift basket. She included pineapple preserves, caramel and chocolate syrups, maraschino cherries, chopped peanuts and pecans, a new ice cream scoop and four sundae dishes.

Many of the guys I know have never lost their fascination with blowing things up. That's why I like Lara's idea of firework gift baskets for dad. “We make all the guys in our family one every year,” she says. “I go to the fireworks outlet a little ways from us and pick them out new ones to try. They usually try some out on Fathers Day when our family is together and save the rest for 4th of July.”

Kylie's step mom had just passed away. “I knew my dad didn't want to sit around the house feeling bad so I called my two sisters and we each bought dad passes to local attractions like the Civic Gardens, a mini golf place, a tractor show and a few others. Our children got him ten dollar gift certificates to his favorite restaurants and the ice cream parlor. We rolled each coupon or pass up and tied them all with blue bows. Then we put them all in a little basket and tied the handle with a matching bow. Daddy loved this gift and told me later how thankful he was for something he could really use, rather than just “junk” (his exact words!!!).

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