Gift Bag Making
Instructions and Video

Gift bag making is easy. If you know how to wrap a box, then you probably know how to make a gift bag already without even realizing it!

Below are instructions for making a gift bag out of wrapping paper (or wallpaper, kraft paper, scrapbook paper, newspaper, etc.).

Gift Bag Making in 5 Easy Steps

1. Find a box a little larger than the gift you want to put inside the bag.

2. Cut your paper a little bigger than you would for a normal wrapping job.

3. On one end fold down your paper a couple of inches to make the top of the bag. Set your box on top of the paper. Bring the paper around the box and tape it, as if you were wrapping the box. At the unfolded end of the paper, fold in the flaps like you would normally and tape.

4. Slide the bag off the box and punch a couple of holes for a ribbon handle. Insert ribbon and knot on the inside of the bag.

5. Cut a piece of thin cardboard to go in the bottom of the bag for better shape and stability (an old cereal box works for this if your present isn't heavy).

homemade gift bag instructions

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