Giant Candy Bar

by Dan
(New York)

One year I gave my dad (who loves chocolate) a homemade giant candy bar. I used chocolate chips & some of the candy I got from Easter. I did it in a double boiler or you could do it in a glass measuring cup in a pot of water on the stove or in the microwave.
I poured the melted chocolate in a rectangle shaped baking pan lined with tin foil to harden. Then I dripped white chocolate on one side and let it harden. You could also grate coconut into it or you could put mini m&ms in or peanut m&ms. I made sections in it, in one section i put coco pebbles,in another i put crushed nuts. I hope this works for you!

From Mel:
The giant candy bar is a great Fathers Day gift idea, Dan. You were creative to think of re-gifting your Easter chocolate!

I can imagine a really cool candy bar wrapper for this gift, with a humorous name, slogan, ingredient list, and nutrition info.

Another idea would be to make a giant candy bar as a teacher gift at Christmas time and have all the kids sign their names on the wrapper (before putting it on!)Thanks for submitting your idea!

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Giant Candy Bar
by: Jubal

My dad loved this! and it was very fun to make. I did one thing different, I made them smaller.I put Coco pebbles, Marsh mellows & Crasins in them. They were GREAT!!---Jubal

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