Gabriel - A Baby for Mother's Day!

by Melanie
(Albany, NY USA)

We were expecting our first child May 15th, 2005. We were counting down the days and trying to get everything ready. When Mother's Day morning dawned, (May 8th) I felt very crummy. My husband took me for a walk in a nearby park absolutely FULL of tulips. We walked and talked about our new family and how things would change, but we were so excited to move onto a new phase in our family life. As the evening rolled around, we realized that our new little bundle was about to make his debut. He managed to just miss Mother's Day and be born the morning of the 9th, but he was definitely the best Mothers Day gift that I have ever received (and only God can arrange that wonderful of a present!!! A park full of tulips and a baby? What more could a girl ask for?).

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