A French Picnic Gift Basket

A French gift basket like this reminds me of my grandparents, who used to stop at least once or twice a week at a good deli to pick up all these ingredients for a fine French picnic.

Vive la France!

Start with a picnic basket and a pretty set of French Provincial paper napkins or kitchen towel as a liner.  Add:

  • a bottle of wine or sparkling juice
  • a crusty baguette
  • an apple and a bunch of grapes
  • some fresh herbs (you can find these in the produce section at the grocery store)
  • a container of sea salt 
  • some French cheese (try cheese made from sheep's milk for a new flavor)
  • a cheese knife or spreader
  • a corkscrew
  • two small plates

Finish off your French wine gift basket by printing off a list of French phrases (with pronunciation) that are appropriate for the occasion.

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