Free Homemade Gift Ideas for Kids

Do you need a couple of free homemade gift ideas to balance out your gift budget? Check out these homemade gifts to make for children!

Each of my children and grandchildren this year received a copy of the journal I kept as a girl. Some of it was funny, some a little boring, some a little embarrassing, but they sure got a kick out of experiencing my world as a young girl. - Ellen in Salt Lake City, UT

Note from Mel: A couple of years ago, my grandmother sent each of us a copy of a little booklet she made on her computer telling the story of how she met and fell in love with our grandfather, who has passed on. It was very special to read about this part of our family story. What a wonderful homemade gift to make!

Starry Eyed Sock Monkey Photo thanks to Mrs. Gemstone/
Homemade Sock Monkey Photo thanks to Mrs. Gemstone/
Cute Girl Sock Monkey - Photo: Sarrabit/

I love making sock monkeys as gifts for kids. I can make one in about an hour and they each turn out so unique, depending on the pair of socks I have to work with. If you have lots of mismatched socks, you can find two you like together and use them instead of a pair. Then you will have different colored extremities, etc.
Embellishing them is fun too. You can make little clothes or hats for them or add the child's initial or a little heart. I made one monkey out of my daughters sports socks so they matched her soccer team's colors. He became the team mascot.

If you don't have a machine, you can sew them up by hand or just glue them with a bottle of fabric glue from WalMart. I use Alene's. Also, look for the buttons on a shirt you are going to get rid of.

Note from Mel: Another idea is to gather the supplies, print off the instructions and create a sock monkey kit. To make it extra special, include a card promising your time to help the recipient make the monkey. Here is a great sock monkey tutorial from Joanne at Craft Passion:

How to Sew a Sock Monkey

This year I made all my grandchildren a Verse in Your Pocket pad. I printed bible verses on a sheet of paper, 8 to a sheet, with artwork to match. For each set, I did about 10 sheets and I pick verses that have special meaning or encouragement to me. Under each verse I wrote a little note about what the verse had meant to me or a little story about a time when that verse encouraged me. To make the pad, all you have to do is cut the papers apart to the size you want, stack them up evenly and then run a bit of hot glue down one side where are the edges are. Use the glue gun to smear the glue so that it touches all the edges and then hold the pad a few moments until it cools. - no name

Download free podcasts and burn them onto a CD for kids to listen to as they clean their room or fall asleep. Some of my favorites for my kids: language lessons, bible stories, old books like Tom Swift. - Melinda in NH

When I didn't have much money for gifts, I made my son a book of sudoku puzzles by printing them offline. He was really into those at the time and was so thankful for the book. You could do all sorts of puzzles or riddles from online. - Heath B.

I am eleven years old. My grandma gives me fabric scraps to play with so I made my friends notebook covers with fabric and hot glue. - Juliana in AL

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