Foam/PVC Medieval Weapons Kit

by Philip Williams
(Roanoke, VA)

Electrical Tape

Electrical Tape

Electrical Tape
Duct Tape
Foam Insulation
1/2 inch PVC Pipe

If you have a kid who likes assembling and creating things, this is a great cheap gift kit.

Supplies for Foam/PVC Medieval Weapons Kit:

1. 2 long pieces of 1/2 inch PVC pipe
2. Several pieces of insulation foam (you can find this near the PVC pipe in the store... get a size that fits the pipe tightly)
3. 1 roll of duct tape
4. 1 roll of electrical tape
5. A saw
6. A pair of scissors


1. Saw a length of PVC pipe to make a sword, spear, bo staff, etc.
2. Cut a length of foam to cover the PVC. Make sure to leave an extra couple of inches of foam at the stabbing end.
3. Insert the PVC into the foam. Put some extra bits of foam in the empty stabbing end so the PVC won't come through the end.
4. Cover the entire weapon with strips of duct tape. Use extra tape at the stabbing end.
5. Cover the handle with electrical tape.
6. Battle time!

Note from Mel:
I remember my uncle was the first person who I ever saw with sword tag weapons or boffers, as the English call them. My uncle was such a cool guy who always knew of something fun to do and he taught all my brothers to make these.

Years later, my brothers were the cool uncles who were teaching my sons to make the weapons.

Now my boys are growing up and last year they held a school event where they taught about a hundred kids to make them.

It has sure been fun to watch this skill get passed down!

TIP: My boys kept their eyes open for anyone getting rid of couches. The cushions provided them with a lot of cheap foam for making maces, battle axes, flails, etc. I think there might still be a couple cushions floating around our garage. :-)

You can find more instructions for making sword tag weapons at

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