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fidget spinner gift guide

I tried SO HARD to avoid recommending fidget spinners! I really did...and then I started looking at them, and found so many cool and unique ones, that I almost started shopping for myself!  While you can pick up a bare-bones fidget spinner anywhere, there are many distinctive themes and styles to suit most any recipient. 

Or, order a bulk lot to use as party favors, stocking stuffers, pinata fillers, or halloween treats.  

Here's a fidget spinner they probably don't have yet!

One that FLIES...

Harry Potter Fidget Spinners

For the Harry Potter fan: 


golden snitch

fidget spinner.

Superhero Fidget Spinners

Whether your superhero wants a bat-shaped fidget spinner, or Captain America's shield spinner, there are fidget spinners to make every fan happy.

Light-Up Fidget Spinners

Some of these lighted fidget spinners come with extra LED lights, and some are simply glow-in-the-dark. One even has 18 different light patterns!

Fidget Spinners for Adults

This Fidget Pen is a great office gift!

There are some really pretty fidget spinners out there too...these are the ones that dazzled me (I am quite smitten with that silver spinner ring!):

Prices will always be better per unit if you buy in larger quantities. For as little as $1 apiece, you can have spinners for pinata fillers, halloween treats, party favors, swag bags, or stocking stuffers!