Turn Fathers Day Pictures Into
One-Of-A-Kind Gifts!

Here are some ideas for taking the fun Fathers Day pictures I am seeing all over the web (and at Pinterest!) and making them into first rate gifts! Of course you can frame the snapshots, but you might want to take a look at what these imaginative families came up with.

(And meanwhile if you haven't seen the Fathers Day photos I am talking about, check out this post from Aimee at Its Overflowing: Lots of Creative Fathers Day Photo Gift Ideas.)

Fathers Day Photo Gifts

Cut your Fathers Day pictures into rounds and make them into Jar Lid Picture Magnets like Desiree from the 36th Avenue did.

With one sheet of underlayment and a $5.00 "Engineer Print" from Staples, you can make a giant shaped piece of artwork out of your photo(s) like these two ladies from East Coast Creative

Everyone knows about calendars and coffee mugs (still great ideas), but here are some  of the more unusual items you can have personalized with Fathers Day photos: playing cards, phone/ipad/nook skin, water bottle, door mat (?), neck tie, guitar pick, cookie jar, personalized Rubik's cube and many more. No shopping for hours, no standing in line with tired children. Just point and click...Better yet, hold a child in your lap and let them point and click!

I personally thought things like photo afghans and cushions were kind of tacky until I saw this page where the photo throw pillows actually look pretty cool for a dad's office or hang out room. (Its the second idea down.)

Fathers Day Photo Books

Whether you go the old fashioned way with a little photo album or upload your pictures at Walmart.com, Shutterfly.com or another photo site, these Fathers Day picture books are a gift that can be enjoyed again and again!

WE NEED YOU, DAD! - Make a list of jobs around the house that dad usually takes care of. Take pictures of members of the family acting out these jobs...but show them failing miserably! Examples: Toddler sliding down in front seat of car trying to reach gas pedal, child in front of car with grease on hands looking bewildered, mixing bowls and measuring cups all over table with flour spilled on floor and smeared on faces, baby with bills spread over highchair tray, etc.

CELEBRITY FATHER - This Fathers Day photo gift can include anyone and everyone. First make a small sign that says Happy Fathers Day! You can include a picture of the dad or the children on the sign. Then take this sign all over town to people dad knows - whether good friends, business associates, or a server at a restaurant. Ask each person to hold the sign and then take a picture of them with it. Be ready with small sheets of paper or cardstock so that each person can write a short message to him if they want.  Put each note next to the corresponding picture in the book.

I SPY DAD! - Do you have lots of old photos of this dad with his children? Lay out groups on the floor or the table in a photo collage along with little mementos (baseball hat, pacifier, favorite children's' book, etc.) and then take shots of each collage. Turn the new photos into an I Spy style book with hunting rhymes.

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