Fathers Day Necklace or Bracelet

My kids wanted to make a Fathers Day necklace or bracelet for their dad so I took them to a bead shop and we each picked out one bead that reminded us of him or of something he had done.

My daughter got a little pony bead because he had taken her riding this year. My older son found a guitar bead because he likes the music his dad writes and plays. My youngest son got one that was red because he said his dad read to him a lot. I tried to point out the red-read thing, but he was stuck on that one so I didn't fight it. I picked a bunch of clear beads to represent how he is a guy who is transparent with his kids and is honest with them.

When I picked the kids up from him after Fathers Day, he told me it really meant a lot to him that we had done that for him.

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