Unique Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Look at all these creative Fathers Day gift ideas shared by people all around the world! Some of these are store bought gifts, some are homemade.
My favorites are the memorable experience gifts - Fathers Day ideas for spending extra special time with your dad, grandpa or husband.

You might like to start with these gift baskets for dad from some imaginative mothers!

A huge list of Fathers Day gift ideas for guys who love the outdoors

Some car gifts for dads who spend a lot of time driving

My very first homemade Fathers Day gift ideas and new homemade gift ideas for dad from readers

4 more Fathers Day gift basket ideas from readers

Unique Fathers Day gifts from kids

Some really fun ways to make Fathers Day gifts using photos

Share your own gift ideas below and see what ideas other visitors have contributed:

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What is the best Father's Day gift you have given or received?

Other Visitors' Favorite Fathers Day Gifts

Look at these great father's day gift ideas from other readers!

Giant Candy Bar 
One year I gave my dad (who loves chocolate) a homemade giant candy bar. I used chocolate chips & some of the candy I got from Easter. I did it in a double …

Armchair Organizer Pockets Craft Gifts for Dad 
This arm chair organizer is one of the easiest craft gifts for dad! Here's how to make it: 1. Cut a strip of fabric 10-15 inches wide (you'll need …

Gifts for Your Dad - Fun Stuff to Do 
The best gifts for your dad don't give him any more junk to clean up and carry around. Instead give him something fun to do like tickets to a concert or …

Fishing Gifts for Dad 
I always get fishing gifts for Dad for Fathers Day since fishing is his favorite thing to do - in fact he hardly likes to do anything else! Gifts to buy: …

Fathers Day Gifts for a Farmer or Cowboy 
My dad is a rancher so these are my ideas for Fathers Day gifts for a farmer or cowboy: Boot scraper for the porch Boot jack for getting off boots …

Cartoons Make the Best Fathers Day Gifts 
The best Fathers Day gifts to me give dads and kids something fun to do together. I have found a fun and super easy gift for my husband, dad, father in …

How to Make a Fathers Day Trivia Game 
2 years ago we made my husband Jim a Fathers Day trivia game to play on Fathers Day after dinner. We used card stock for the cards and I hand wrote the …

Office Gift Ideas for Dads 
Here are some gift ideas for dads who work in an office. My mom and I made it a tradition to always get my dad something for Fathers Day that he could …

A Day Together 
I shop for a tough Dad. My fiance has just about everything he could possibly need, and what he doesn't have, he's more than happy to buy for himself before …

Fathers Day Dogtags for Dad 
My kids got me a set of personalized Fathers Day dogtags from online. I wear them all the time to remind me how great my kids are. From Mel: What …

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