A Fathers Day Gift Idea for
Guys who Love the Outdoors

Pick a Fathers Day gift idea from this list of gear for outdoor enthusiasts - whether that means hiking, camping or just sitting quietly in the backyard enjoying the birds.

If you don't have much to spend, there are several Fathers Day gifts here that you can make at home with items you probably already have or can find in your backyard!

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Outdoor Fathers Day Gifts to Buy

  • hammock
  • personal water bottle with built in purifier
  • rubber boots
  • porch or yard swing
  • pedometer
  • windbreaker
  • bandanas
  • snowshoes
  • Indiana Jones/jungle style hat
  • state park membership
  • nature journal and watercolor pencils
  • pepper spray
  • rain gear
  • canoe/kayak
  • binoculars
  • sunglasses
  • walkie-talkies
  • compass
  • flint & steel fire starter
  • hatchet
  • clip on light
  • hobo pie irons
  • insect repellent reflective clothing
  • water/hydration backpack
  • bedroll or sleeping bag
  • truck bed canopy tent
  • truck bed air mattress
  • topographical maps
  • GPS or GPS update
  • outdoor shower
  • wool socks

Outdoor Fathers Day Gifts to Make

  • Emergency survival kit - The items in one of these kits should definitely be changed to fit personal usage but a typical kit includes a whistle, emergency space blanket (the foil kinds - you can find them at any dollar store or Walmart), candle stub, band-aids, waterproof matched, antiseptic wipes, small knife, fishing line, water purification tablets, etc.
  • Blowgun - Here are some directions for making one from common household items (at least common around my house!)
  • Staff - There are many interesting sticks that can be turned into staffs. Keep your eyes open for unusual shapes!
  • Lip balm - I like the recipes that include a tiny bit of honey for sweetnes - yum.
  • Homemade lint or pine cones and wax fire starters - I always thought this was a kind of corny, preschool type gift until I tried them for myself. I will never again be without them if I can help it. Every fire is a breeze to start...even with wet wood.
  • A printable game to play around the campfire...Hint, hint...(If you still don't get it, look below :-)