More Fathers Day Gift Basket Ideas

Here are four Fathers Day gift basket ideas from creative readers! If you are looking for ideas for gifts to make for your dad, be sure to also see the Homemade section of this site.

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BBQ Tool Box

Both my sons like to grill out for their families so for fathers Day I bought them each an inexpensive tool box and filled them with long handled grill tools & a brush. I also found some spice rub mix packets at the grocery store I thought they would like and bottles of marinade. From Mel: You could also do a hot mit and a grilling or barbecue recipe book.
-Paul from Franklin TN

Heritage Gift Basket
You can make a gift basket with the theme being the country or region your dad's family originally comes from. I found foods for the one I did for my dad (whose family was from Lebanon) at a specialty grocery store and World Market. Then I did shredded paper for the filler in red white and green, the colors of the flag.
-Pat from Goddard KS

Book Lover Gift Basket

I found my dad a wooden magazine holder to go beside his bed. The items inside were a clip on reading light with extra batteries, magnifier, the latest John Grisham novel, a couple magazines, some new slippers and a couple of bookmarks I made for him. Alternative container ideas from Mel: tote bag, square or rectangular basket
-Michelle from Chapel Hill NC

Cookie Gift Basket

My mom doesn't do much baking anymore and I know my dad misses fresh hot cookies the most so I mixed up a batch of each of his favorites - chocolate chip, ginger spice, and oatmeal butterscotch. I figured a cup was about enough for six cookies so I packed freezer containers with one cup of dough in each one and labeled them with baking directions and one thing I love about my dad. After freezing them all, I arranged them in two gift baskets for dad. (They wouldn't fit in one!) As soon as I gave the baskets to him, we got the dishes back into the freezer. Dad takes them out when he wants a few cookies and the dough is ready to bake in an hour or less.

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