Family Gift Idea

When extended families start growing, it can get overwhelming to buy gifts for each individual child and adult.

A perfect solution is to give a single gift to each individual family--but what can you give that will be exciting to everyone, when there is such a large age span?

Find great family gift ideas here that will appeal to all ages!


If you are looking for a fun, unique gift for a group, couple, or even a single, you have got to check this out.  Sold as a coffee table book to keep out on display for everyone to contribute to, this is a grown-up version of madlibs, round-robin storytelling, and creative writing prompts, all rolled into one.  Each page is different, so there is plenty of fodder to keep the creativity going all year long. Do one as a group at your holiday party, or simply keep it open on your coffeetable so random friends and family can add a line to whichever story inspires them when they page through.

*some starters may not seem appropriate for all ages, but the beauty of this book is that you can take any story in any direction you want.  There are 122 stories in a variety of styles, so there should be something suitable for everyone!

National Park Passes

  Know a family who has a big National Park vacation planned within the next 12 months? A great family gift would be to purchase a one-year National Park pass. An annual pass will cost $80, unless there is a fourth-grader--the Every Kid in a Park program give a free pass to fourth graders and their families!

Active-duty military members and permanently disabled citizens also get a free pass, and U.S. citizens over the age of 62 can buy a $10 lifetime pass.

Visit the National Park Service and give a family gift they will never forget!

If the family qualifies for a free pass, or already has one for this year, give them a gift certificate for admission to an attraction or activity on their itinerary, or a gift basket of items specifically for their vacation: 

  • guide book
  • travel games
  • travel pillows
  • water bottles or packs
  • window sunshades

Water Toys

For the family who likes to play together, a water tube, water tramp, or floating island is a great gift idea.

Snow Toys

Snow toys are also a great family gift idea!

Outdoor Games

Many outdoor games can be played and enjoyed by a wide age range.

Give a cornhole set with their favorite sports team logo, or a set they can paint and finish together as a family!

Many popular games have a jumbo outdoor version that would be fun for the whole family!

And seriously. Those bubble soccer balls are a RIOT. Get two, you will not regret it!

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