5 Fall Holiday Gift Basket Ideas

It is a good time to put together a fall holiday gift basket or thanksgiving basket for a friend. As I write this, the hot Michigan summer days are behind us. The days have been cool and perfectly beautiful!

When I was a child in Texas, my dad would call this jean jacket weather. We would be thrilled that cold weather was coming.

I don't know if any Michiganders would use the word "thrilled" to describe how they feel about winter coming, but we do like to go all out and celebrate these few short weeks of autumn!

Wherever you live, here are 5 fall gift basket ideas to give and enjoy:

Apple Pie Kit - This is a perfect Thanksgiving basket to bring to the hostess of your holiday meal. Include prepared pie crust or pie crust mix, cinnamon sugar, quality apple peeler, tapioca (if your recipe calls for it) and two or three varieties of good pie apples like Golden Delicious, Jonathan, Granny Smith and Rome Beauty. Other items to add: pie pan, hot mit, cinnamon sugar shaker, tiny cookie cutter for making steam vents in the top pie crust

Scarecrow Kit - Put together a muslin bag or light colored pillowcase (for head), magic markers, old or funny clothing, a hat, something to stuff the scarecrow with, rope or twine and strong wire.

 Fire Starter Basket - For this fall gift basket, all you need is a long handled lighter and pine cone fire starters (Collect all your old candles and crayons in a tin can. Set the can inside a pot of water and gently heat until wax melts. Dip each pinecone in the melted wax and cool on a cookie sheet covered with wax paper. Keeping different colors of wax separate results in a prettier basket.)

Fall Bulb Collection - Gather a variety of flower bulbs, garden gloves and trowel. (This is a wonderful fall holiday gift basket that will be remembered again in the spring and every year.)

Holiday Decorating Kit - Include decorative garland for railings or mantel, string of lights, candles, window "snow" paint, bird seed balls with holiday ribbon or any pretty Christmas decorations. (Now if you are really thinking ahead, you will begin shopping for this fall gift basket right after Christmas!)

There are more than 20 fall gifts on the Thanksgiving Gift Idea List and many more gift baskets on Holiday Gift Basket Ideas.

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