Embellish your gift to make it personal or special!

by Jessica
(Battle Creek, Michigan USA)

Pink Damask onesie with flowers on bum and matching headband

Pink Damask onesie with flowers on bum and matching headband

Pink Damask onesie with flowers on bum and matching headband
Sew On Gems to Embellish a Graphic T Shirt!
Take flowers and gems and make a headband!
Iron on Name or Decals to Personalize it!

Find a cute onesie or dress for a little one on your list. Take flowers and embellish the centers and add them to the bum area and a matching cap for a great dress it up set!

"You aren't really dressed until you sparkle" - Have a great T shirt for a teen on your list? Take some beads and do a simple stitch around some of the graphics to embellish and make it SPARKLE.

You can take flower heads from artificial flowers apart, add a little pearl or gem center and glue it to a headband with a piece of felt to secure it and you have instant topper to complete any outfit. A collection of these and other fabric scrap flower headbands are a great option for all the girls - from babies to teens - on your list.

Don't have an embroidery machine at your disposal? Look at the craft store for iron on embroidery and embellishments to dress up any outfit for someone on your list. Making a special birthday top is a great fun gift idea.

Note from Mel:

Jessica is an amazing young woman who has built her own online boutique - first to raise money to help kids who have suffered from the same medical conditions she had and now she is putting herself through college.

Thanks for these great ideas, Jessica! You can find practically brand new clothes for little ones at garage sales all the time. This is such a great way to take those finds and turn them into something amazing.

I had never really heard of iron on embroidery before. I looked it up and there are so many beautiful pieces available! I saw everything from intricate floral patterns to whimsical owls to sports logos. I am excited about trying out some of these.

I have had great success with the printable iron on computer paper. For Christmas, we printed my husband's business logo on this paper and ironed it on to light colored t-shirts we found at the thrift store. They turned out really well and looked professionally done. It only took us a few minutes to do the whole thing. (You just have to remember to flip the design around on the computer if there are letters or numbers.)

Thank you again for sharing your ideas for how to embellish your gift to make it personal or special!

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