The Fastest Way to Easy Holidays

If you are hoping for easy holidays, you have to identify your giving style!

Are you one of the cheerful givers or are holidays a drag to you? After reading Gary Chapman's Five Love Languages, I realized how your love language impacts your giving style. This is key information if you want stress free holidays!

Take the test and find your gifting style:

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Gift Giving Style Quiz

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The 5 Love Languages

Not just for marriage relationships, The 5 Love Languages is one of the most important books you may ever read!  The concepts in this book are relevant to every relationship in your life, and understanding both your own love language as well as the language of your gift recipient will make ALL the difference between giving a run-of-the-mill gift and a gift that will make them feel truly loved!

1. The Grand Gifter

Giant Gift!

You love gifts themselves! It is fun choosing the gift for each person on your list because each gift is important and special in its own way. You can hardly wait for someone to open a gift you give and get a thrill when opening a gift someone gives you. In fact, even years later when you see a gift someone gave you, you feel the same joy and love all over again.

You will have easy holidays and enjoy them the most when you plan and save ahead so you can make and/or buy gifts for those you love. Remember, you and your gifts are a big part of what makes the holidays exciting!


  • Rush yourself when shopping. Take time to enjoy the experience, whether online or in a real store. Savor the pleasure!
  • Overdo by adding so many people to your list that you can't focus on the ones closest to you. 
  • Feel you have to fulfill every wish and dream for your friends and family. Decide what you are ABLE to do and stick with that.


  • Look for fresh ways to wrap or stage your gift. Presentation can make a gift even grander!
  • Recognize the value of small token gifts. You don't have to break the bank to give something memorable. 
  • Join up with a friend who has a different giving style - Time Lavishers or Pamperers to hold gift exchanges or an Applauder to herald the meaning and message of your gift!

2. The Time Lavisher

Time together! - Photo thanks to trailsource/

Your gifts often involve DOING something with the recipient. You may like to plan an outing as your gift – go to movies, amusement parks, or out to eat. You would enjoy if someone took you shopping for your gift rather than just picking it out.

If you are a Time Lavisher, you can dramatically increase your enjoyment of the holidays when you plan gifts that involve spending time with people!


  • Spend long hours shopping alone. (This will drain you.)
  • Try to take care of holiday prep by yourself. Find a way to turn it into a memorable event, but remember that you don't have to invite a crowd! Quality time with one of your children or a good friend can be a great refreshment, especially if you have a lot of big parties on your schedule.
  • Feel pressured to fit in with others gift giving rituals.


  • Look ahead to see what holiday events you would enjoy attending. As your gift to others, invite them to join you for a special occasion!
  • Plan a trip (near or far) as a gift.
  • Invite friends or family to join you for holiday baking or cooking. (You may not enjoy it very much if you try to do it alone.)
  • Think of gifts that revolve around the events you plan - a framed photo of you in the snow, an souvenir to remind you of a concert, etc. 
  • Focus on ways to bless a large group all at once with your giving style - take them out to eat, host a white elephant party, give everyone the same gift such as tickets to an amusement park or a play, etc.

3. The Pamperer

Holiday helper! - Photo thanks to oddharmonic/

The gift you love to give friends, family and even strangers is...YOURSELF! When you see someone struggling or tired out, it is not a big deal to jump in and lend a hand. You love to indulge others with a little extra special care or help...and there is no better gift for you than a little help from your friends.

For you, getting your hands dirty is nothing. In fact, that tired feeling at the end of serving someone isn't depleting - it leaves you with a happy satisfaction!

If your help is your favorite gift to give, be glad because everyone can use a hand sometimes! The key to easy holidays for you is finding the way to make your favorite gift special.


  • Be trapped by a sense of obligation into doing too much!
  • Forget to be on the lookout for holiday related chores that overwhelm others, but are a breeze for you. These chores make great gifts for your giving style!
  • Forget to play up the gift of your time by using things like funny cards, big announcements and crazy costumes.


  • Think ahead and plan specific things you want to DO for people as your gift.
  • Include family and friends, inviting them to join you in blessing someone during the holidays - but remember it is probably the other Pamperers and possibly Time Lavishers who will be cheerful givers because they will enjoy this most!
  • Turn your help into a gift or an event by creating gift certificates.

4. The Embracer

Holiday closeness! - Photo thanks to elPadawan/

While gifts and special events are nice, what really recharges you and makes you feel connected to your family and friends is being close to them – physically close, that is. If someone gives you an adventure gift, the best part may be holding hands on the way to the car.

Laying in a hammock together, snuggling under a blanket at a parade or game, hugging your family as they head to bed - if these are the kinds of ways you show love, you will want to consider creative ways to show your affection.

When you choose gifts that promote opportunities for cuddling up with your closest family or friends such as a good movie to watch together, a warm soft blanket or a coupon for a massage, you will find easy holidays become something you really look forward to!


  • Ignore the importance of affection during the holidays. It is a great stress reliever, not only for your giving style, but others too!
  • Put too much pressure on yourself to plan big events or make time consuming gifts. 
  • Forget to plan ahead. It might seem your gifts need no planning, but you will find deeper meaning in the holidays when you take a little time to look ahead and decide what you want to experience with your family and friends.


  • Begin building holiday traditions with your friends and family that incorporate time for recharging.
  • Come up with your own customs based on the practice of hanging mistletoe - fun reasons to stop and embrace your family or guests.
  • Look for ways to add your own special touch to traditional gifts - little gift certificates or notes with a promise of what you will do - and notice how special these gifts become!

5. The Applauder

You see the value in people and like to point it out in all different ways that remind others how much you appreciate them...and if someone gives you a card with an encouraging message, you will probably save it to read over and over!

If you are quick to praise others and give recognition for good character, choices and progress, you can easily turn this wonderful skill into beautiful gifts that will be treasured for years to come.

You can be a great part of an adventure or event based gift as the Master of Ceremonies in charge of toasts (and roasts!)


  • Worry about a lot of expectations from others - enjoy being an inspiration because you fit perfectly into the real meaning of the holidays - times of celebrating who we are and where we have come from!
  • Bog yourself down with long shopping lists, too many events and lots of projects.


  • Take the time to think and pray about the messages you want to give to others each holiday season and remember that your words will impact generations!
  • Look for ways to add your own meaningful touch to traditional gifts such as an inscription or a card with an encouraging message.
  • Stay on the lookout for ways to make your praise LAST: brag books, videos, songs and word art (such as acronyms based on a name), etc.

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