Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas Part 1
When You Don't Have Much Wrapping Paper (or Any!)

This first Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas page is all about making do with very little...

In fact, in this example, I'll show you what to do to wrap a CD or other small gift when you have no wrapping paper on hand! All you need is an interesting magazine page. This technique can also be helpful when you have spent your full budget on the gift and need cheap gift wrap...or free!

I have been wrapping gifts for years and did not know this little trick for making a small piece of paper s-t-r-e-t-c-h!

Well, it doesn't stretch literally, but by turning your gift at an angle and folding the corners right, the paper somehow covers more. (I am sure some math fanatic could tell us why, but I'll just keep wrapping gifts while its explained.)

Creative gift wrapping ideas are much better in pictures, so look and learn!

How to Use a Magazine for Cheap Gift Wrap

Tear your favorite page out of the magazine. The magazine I chose was not huge, but is a little larger than an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. If you have a variety to choose from, you can try to pick one that matches the gift or the recipient's interests.

Lay the CD diagonally on the sheet, a bit to one side.

Fold the bottom corner up and crease it tightly.

When you fold the next corner in, put a little bend in it. It took me a few tries to figure out this bend, but as soon as I did, it made a big difference in how the paper folded.

Continue with the next corner just the same. Be sure to crease well!

Tape the paper to hold it as you continue folding each corner in.

The bend needs to be a lot bigger on the last corner.

Here is the completely wrapped CD:

Creative Gift Wrap Ideas - How to Wrap a CD with a Magazine Page

Another one with a different design from an article about ceramics:

Cheap Gift Wrap - How to Wrap a CD with a Magazine Page

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