Best Christmas Stockings
(and What to Put in Them!)

christmas stockings

Putting up Christmas stockings is one of the season's most treasured family traditions.

Here is a collection of stockings and stocking traditions - comical, whimsical, beautiful and more - and Christmas stocking stuffer ideas to fill them with. 

Stocking Traditions

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Lightsaber chopsticks.

Need I say more???

...Turns out, I DO need to say more:


Someone always losing their keys?  

Wireless key finder fobs are inexpensive and great for finding car keys, cellphones, tv remotes... 

Who doesn't want to find a new fidget in their stocking?

Find themed fidget spinners for Superhero lovers, Harry Potter fans and more here...

Special candies for a small holiday treat are popular with kids and grownups alike!  Buy multi-packs to get enough for everyone. 

Need to send a message to someone who's been less than nice???  Chocolate lumps of coal should do the trick!

Every girl would love to find a new color or two in her stocking!