Best Christmas Stockings
(and What to Put in Them!)

Putting up our personalized Christmas stockings is one of the most fun parts of our holiday preparations. And they don’t stay empty long. Usually within minutes of being hung, at least one or two have a lumpy toe.

Here is a collection of stockings and stocking traditions - comical, whimsical, beautiful and more - and Christmas stocking stuffer ideas to fill them with.

Lightsaber chopsticks.

Need I say more???

...Turns out, I DO need to say more:


Sriracha lovers in your family?  Sriracha2Go keychain bottles, sriracha sea salt, or sriracha candy canes are sure to please!

Someone always losing their keys?  

Wireless key finder fobs are inexpensive and great for finding car keys, cellphones, tv remotes... 

Special candies for a small holiday treat are popular with kids and grownups alike!  Buy multi-packs to get enough for everyone. 

Need to send a message to someone who's been less than nice???  Chocolate lumps of coal should do the trick!