Craft and Activity
Christmas Gifts for Kids

Craft kits and activities make great Christmas gifts for kids! These gifts can be as much fun for the giver to put together as they are for the children to open and play with, and the best gifts for kids are the ones that you play with too!

Craft Kits and Activity
Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Make them a fun duct-tape wallet, and tuck a gift card or a few dollars inside--or just give them the supplies to make their own!  Duct tape crafts are HOT with kids, and this is a great homemade project you can do together! 

If you have not seen all the ideas for things to make from duct tape, and all the specialty patterns you can buy, you will be nothing short of AMAZED! No more plain grey, you can get duct tape in just about any color, print, or even licensed characters like Minions, Frozen, StarWars or batman...

Pack a suitcase, trunk, or box full of dress-up clothes: hats, high heels, old bridesmaid's dresses, beads and bracelets, feather boas, lace gloves.  Or, make a costume collection with beaded indian girl dresses, prairie sunbonnets and aprons, ballet tutus.

For boys: cowboy hats, bandanas, chaps, boots, capes, masks, fire hats & raincoats

This Unicorn Party Dress comes in 4 different colors, so each girl can have her own!

Box of supplies for building a fort or playhouse - tool kit, scrap wood, pallets, sturdy cardboard,  rope, pulleys, shingles, tarp or canvas, small pieces of furniture, book with building plans and a letter promising your help.

Memory game made with photocopies of favorite images glued on sturdy colorful cards (cartoon character, jungle animals, horses, etc.) Or make this child Christmas gift  with photos of extended family. Each card also has the name of the person in the picture. Especially great for kids with out-of-town grandparents and cousins and relatives they don't see often.

Car Games like travel bingo -rows of items to look for as you go down the road - hand drawn or on your computer

Bubble Kit

Bubble solution, dipping pan, wire or rope wands, straws

Snow paints - deeply colored water in spray bottles

Puppet Making Kit:

  small paper sacks, socks, glue, googly eyes, yarn, scissors, regular and fabric markers, felt

Make a doorway puppet theater with a tension rod and curtain

Secret Code Kit - include supplies for invisible ink and a book of different codes and puzzles

CSI Kit - magnifying glass, specimen jars, notebook

Set of note cards made on your computer with a picture of your child, a pet, or their own scanned artwork or poetry on the front.

Giant game of Pick-Up Sticks made out of painted dowels 12" - 18" long

Tire swing

Christmas Gifts for Kids from Readers:

I like to give my children activity sets instead of toys. For instance, for my ten year old daughter, I found a tote bag and put in knitting needles (from my Grandma - free), yarn (garage sale – 2.00), and a beginner's magazine with some simple knitting instructions (thrift store – 25 cents). For my son, I did a kite making kit with dowel rods, glue, paper and string. For my step daughter, I did a card making kit with stamps, cardstock, a set of watercolor pencils and a few packages of stickers. - Hanna in Blanding, UT

Make your own Christmas gifts for kids by cutting out pictures from magazines and gluing them into a scrapbook with rhymes that tell what to look for - a homemade hidden pictures riddle book . I look for really busy pictures where there are a lot of people or items. The fun part is coming up with the little poems. I did a whole scrapbook for my niece this way. She has spent hours pouring over the book. - Eran in Dewey Beach, DE

Keep your eyes open for complete (or almost complete) games at garage sales and thrift stores and then personalize them to make really cool Christmas gifts for kids! Once I pasted pictures of my grandchildren on foam board and cut around their figures to make Candy Land pieces. - no name

My daughter homeschools her children and there were doing a study of manners this winter so I made the children each a placemat with painted outlines of each utensil and dish in its proper place. I used fabric paint and just traced around real dishes and utensils, adding details like the tines on the forks afterward. - Donna in Waterloo, IA

My wife had a great kid Christmas gift idea for us to make one year when we didn't have much money. I was working as a plumber at the time. We took scrap wood and made tic-tac-toe game boards by painting the squares checkerboard. Then I collected extra hardware (nuts, bolts, pipe fittings, etc.) to use as playing pieces. Our kids and their friends thought they were pretty fun and I found out the other day that all my kids still have their sets fifteen years later. - Gerald in OH

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