Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

"Your Christmas gift ideas for kids were perfect this year - we had so much fun on Christmas morning watching our children unwrap their gifts." Jenna in Montreal CA

Take a look at this super list where you can find a Christmas gift for kids. There are extra special store bought gifts, quick and cheap gifts, and even homemade gifts that cost nothing at all. Thanks to all the readers who have sent in their Christmas gift ideas for kids!

My idea of a perfect kid Christmas gift idea - It doesn't cost too much, encourages imaginative play, has nothing to do with fads, and children love it. Here are many ideas like that:

Seriously, is there anything  funnier than a pie in the face???

This game has everything that kids (and adults) love--suspense, anticipation, and whipped cream!

BTW, make sure to stock up on whipped cream, because this game will be the hit of your holiday party!

Kids love to have their own special place.  A child-sized rocking chair, recliner, fold out sofa, beanbag, or even a jumbo stuffed animal to sit on while reading or watching tv is always a big hit with preschoolers!

Older girls and  boys love to have their own sleeping bag or Mermaid Tail for sleepovers or simply snuggling up and reading a good book.

Put together an explorer kit for the adventurous child in your life:            binoculars, orienteering compass, signal whistle, flashlight all packed in a backpack and ready for a trek!  You might also want to tuck in a field guide or two: birds, insects, trees, wildflowers...and a sketchbook...and a water bottle/canteen...and a small pocketknife if it is age appropriate.

Sports-minded kids love playing with football guys, hockey guys, baseball guys, or sports-themed games or equipment.

Safety equipment like wrist guards, knee & elbow pads, and helmets are always a great idea, too!  Since my own wrist fracture while learning to snowboard, I have a whole new appreciation for using wrist guards when faced with the possibility of falling!

Balance bikes are the hot new thing for the preschool crowd, these no-pedal two-wheelers are great trainers for learning to ride pedal bikes, with no chains to get tangled up in. Ziggles, by Radio Flyer, are also a popular choice for the younger crowd. These are as fun to watch as they are to ride!

Big beach towel and pool toys with winter swimming lessons at your local YMCA

Sand box or sand table

New pillowcase  or sheet set with a fun design or cartoon character

Toy cash register

Ice skates or roller skates

Bike basket, lock, pump and helmet (especially great if someone else is getting them the bike or if you want to dress up an old bike)

A really nice rope (only for older kids who understand safety rules)

Outdoor game like tetherball or badminton

Ice cream maker

Drawing book (I especially recommend Ed Emberly's books which have helped all my children immensely!)

Miniature Tea set

Rain boots

Set of rubber stamps and inkpad

Personalized lunchbox

Picture Bible

Tape recorder and cassettes

Sled and/or snow-block makers

Nerf toys for indoor cold-day play

More Ideas From Readers:

One of the best gifts I ever got as a kid was a set of good magnets. I played with those for hours and still have them on my fridge in my apartment today. They are little and ordinary, but there are six rings with the little “donut holes” that go in the middle of each ring. I think there used to be a little book with the magnets but I don't have that anymore.

- Will

I have found that when I have the least money, I sometimes come up with the best gifts! And that was the case a few years ago when I had quit my job to find a better one and didn't have much extra for Christmas. Instead of something that would take a lot of money, I used what I had, which was time! I made fancy invitations for all my granddaughters and invited them to bring a friend and come for a series of three quilting classes. At the classes, I served tea in fine china and taught grown up quilting skills. The girls absolutely loved it and loved the projects they took home. Two of the oldest girls have gone on to make their own quilts and all my granddaughters now spend time in my sewing room. What a blessing it turned out to be that I didn't have enough for store bought gifts!

- Lynette in MD

My grandfather gave me a piggy bank for Christmas when I was only eight years old and gave me a big talk on storing up for the future and I really think it shaped the way I think about money.

- Merle in Hartford CT

I try to be the "cool" uncle so I always find things like stomp rockets or those helicopters you propel by pulling the string or something else that flies or shoots.

- Uncle Fun

My husband always has the best Christmas gift ideas for kids. When he bought me a set of magnetic poetry, he got our daughter a princess magnet set that is basically a magnetic version of paper dolls. She has spent hours sitting by the fridge dressing the dolls and when she tires of them, i just put them on top of the fridge for a couple weeks and bring them down again to her great delight.

- Kayla in Tupelo MS

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