Christmas Advent Book

by Molly F.

We made advent books for the relatives for Christmas, and they were a big hit.

Here's what we used:

-Clear-cover report portfolio
-Fancy Christmas stationary
-Cardstock (Christmas colors are best, but difficult to find)
-Regular paper, markers, pens, pencils, crayons, for artwork
-Christmas cards/pictures

We printed "Christmas literature"-poems, stories, etc.-one on each page of stationary. Some of the "literature" was our own creation, and some of it we found online (e.g., The Legend of the Candy Cane, the story of St. Nicholas).

We also made artwork to go with it. Again, some was our own creation, and some was Christmas cards and pictures we found around the house. We glued the artwork to the Christmas-colored cardstock.

For each day of advent, there was one page of artwork along with one page of "literature."

We put a personalized message inside the book, before the artwork & literature, wishing the recipient a Merry Christmas. On the cover of the book we put "Christmas Advent Book" with a Christmas card.

These took a while to make, but they were worth it! The relatives loved them and we still look forward to using ours every year.

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