Cheap Valentine Gifts for Under Five Dollars

Here are some cheap valentine gifts for when money is tight or when it is all going to something really romantic like getting out of debt!  With a last minute Valentine gift for under 5 dollars, you can still surprise the ones you love.

This first last minute Valentine gift idea is a lot of fun. Give your valentine a card that says, "Whenever you see a red (lavender, pink, whatever color you like) ribbon, remember how much I love you." Put the first bow on their car, backpack or bike. Then drive or walk along the route to your lover's school or work and tie big bows on each tree, stop sign, bridge overpass, snowman, etc. Be sure to remove them later!

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Buy several transparent balloons. Before blowing them up, fill each one with: love notes, confetti, flower petals, etc. After you have tied them off, attach them to each other or to small sticks and gather as a balloon bouquet.

This is a really fun cheap valentine day gift the whole neighborhood will know about! I used it for my husband awhile back. Out of sturdy paper, I cut out tons of pink paper hearts.  Next I slipped the pointy end of each heart between the prongs of a plastic fork. While my husband was getting ready for work, I staked the heart forks all over the front yard in the snow. You can also write messages on some of them so everyone can see how you feel about your Valentine!

Create a compilation tape or CD of all your favorite love songs and put it in the car, ready to play when the engine goes on.

More Cheap Valentine Gifts From Readers:

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I found two wine glasses at the thrift store and turned them into sugared goblets for a Valentine Day toast. All you do is mix 1/2 c. sugar, 1/4 c. water and 1/4 c. corn syrup and boil until it reaches hard crack stage (it will be brittle if you drop a bit into very cold water.) Now is when to add the food coloring, if you want it. Work quickly to dip the rims of the goblets in the mixture and then turn them up to dry. - Lauren in Dodge City, KS

I'll tell you a last minute Valentine gift my husband liked so much that he still keeps it on his desk. I didn't have much money for Valentines so I bought a cute but inexpensive hinged frame (the kind with places for two photos) at Big Lots and put a picture of the two of us in one side and a verse about love in the other. 

~ Stephanie in Garden City Park, NY

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