Cheap Holiday Gifts -
My Favorite Secret for Making Inexpensive Gift Ideas Extra Special!

Do cheap holiday gifts ever make you feel ashamed? You keep hoping you're going to have more money to spend so you put the gift buying off until the last minute and then...

that big check DOESN'T come thru and you run by the dollar store for something little.

And you feel little too! 

Well, I have not totally conquered gift procrastination but I have learned a little secret for making inexpensive gift ideas extra special.

All you do is include a thoughtful handwritten note with the gift. 

That's it.

This one little trick has helped me turn grocery check out gifts into something memorable. And people tell me they like the notes I write as much as the gift itself!

At one time, I would write generic notes like this:

"I love you! Hope you like this! Merry Christmas!"

Now I stop for just a moment before writing (even if I am in the parking lot using my steering wheel for a desk) and I ask myself, "What does this person mean to me?"

Then I tell them!

I have written things like:

"You have taught me valuable skills and I think of you as a role model."

"When I was spiritually and emotionally empty this year, you gave me encouragement. You inspire me to keep going!"

"I had so much fun when we did _____. You really helped me forget my responsibilities for the day and just enjoy myself. We have a bond that will last for years to come."

Often I take one or two sentences to share a memory from the beginning of our relationship and tell how it makes me feel. For instance:

"I loved painting that living room with you so long ago. Not only did you make me feel creative, but we had conversations I will never forget."

If you are ever tight on money, but want to make someone feel special, try my secret and add a short sweet note to your cheap holiday gifts!

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