Cheap Holiday Gift Ideas

I have always collected cheap holiday gift ideas, but when I was younger, Christmas didn't come often enough for me! As children, my brothers and sisters and I had very little spending money, but we LOVED gift giving.

Our solution? Make our own holidays! We put all the gifts in a big container which we called the "Present Box". After several days of looking for inexpensive gift ideas, carefully shopping, and a gift making frenzy, we usually grew tired of waiting for the appointed date and unanimously voted to move it to a sooner one!

Now the holidays seem to come around faster than I can keep up with. I am still on the lookout for cheap holiday gift ideas, but I want gifts that show class and originality.

When money is scarce, sometimes I find myself wishing the occasion away. During these times I am learning to skip looking high and low for that one extraordinary gift. Instead I take time to find a small way to say, “You are an extraordinary person!”

Inexpensive Gift Ideas by Category:

10 Gifts Under 10 Dollars + 10 more gifts that cost less than 10 bucks!

20 Gifts Under 20.00

Cheap Gifts for Men...and these are some cool ideas. (The guys in my family are tough to shop for so I need plenty of help coming up with things they will really like.)

Cheap Gifts for Women

Cheap Gifts for Kids and Teens and also Book Themed Gift Baskets for Children

My printable gifts are also inexpensive. (Hint: Pay once, print again and again!)

Also, be sure to check out the inexpensive homemade gift ideas section!

What is your inexpensive gift idea?

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