Cheap Gifts for Kids!

Do you need cheap gifts for kids or teens you know?

I think the best kids gifts promote adventure, imagination and creativity so you will see that reflected in these ideas:

Buy a dry-write message board to hang on their bedroom door or school locker and a set of markers to go with it.

   Books are a great cheap gift that kids always love!

Activity books like the LAB Series will seem like a much bigger gift because of the variety of ideas they contain--kids will love looking through these books and planning all the activities they want to try out later!

Fill a giant pail with small outdoor fun activities. For example: jacks, bubbles, jump rope, sidewalk chalk, ball or bean bag, etc.

 Buy a cookbook for kids  and put it in the pocket of a new apron or in a mixing bowl with the ingredients to make one of the recipes.

You can buy a fancy apron, or get some fabric markers and a plain apron and personalize it yourself, or let the little cook decorate their own!

Have you seen the Curious Chef line of products designed for children? These are serious kitchen tools meant to be used by beginning cooks. Their nylon knives are perfect for learning to cut and helping prepare food without risking life and limb!

Buy a pi├▒ata and stuff it full of candy and small toys for a birthday or Christmas party where you need cheap gifts for lots of kids.

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