Cheap Gifts for a Sports Fan

by Jeannie
(Manhattan, KS)

Custom Snowboard - Photo: CJ Isherwood

Custom Snowboard - Photo: CJ Isherwood

Look for cheap gifts for a sports fan at your local resale shops. I often find nice used sports equipment at larger thrift stores. With a little cleaning or touch up of paint, I have put together some nice sets. I have found bags and hats with team logos (both local and pro teams) and I almost always see nice pairs of sports socks and gloves. You can also sometimes find nice towels in school colors.

Sometimes the best sports fan gift is NOT from the same sport they already like or play. Some of the best athletes branch out into many sports and find themselves getting better in their original sport as they practice another.

For that reason, I always keep my eyes open for nice tennis, badminton and golf sets. My favorite time was once when I found my football player nephew an inexpensive snowboard and my husband custom painted it for him.

I also repainted a set of golf clubs (that I bought for less than 20.00.) The clubs did not originally go together but I painted them to match with fingernail polish the way a lot of players are doing. These I gave to my son and he has been playing golf regularly since then.

To me, it is all about the presentation. When I bought my son golf clubs, I found this long box and wrapped the club in tissue paper and bubble wrap so it seemed new. I also included a pass to a driving range near us.

Note from Mel: Thanks for these ideas for cheap gifts for a sports fan. I pass by a mound of sports equipment at the thrift store every time I go but I never thought of the gifts in that pile!

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