A Cheap Gift for a Woman

Do you need a cheap gift for a woman? Inexpensive holiday gifts for women are so easy to find!

When I'm shopping for my mom, mother-in-law or best friend and I don't have much money, I try to remember a little lesson I have learned:

Instead of trying to find the most magnificent present, focus on letting this special lady know how magnificent she is!

After all, my favorite gifts that people have given me are not always the expensive ones, but the ones that made me feel special.

Cheap Gifts for Her Home:

Where is a clutter spot she has been complaining about? Purchase and install an organizer for her. It could be a hook, basket, caddy or a closet rod. This cheap gift for a woman tells her you are listening!

Find a calendar with artwork from a favorite artist she could never afford such as Van Gogh or Monet. You can order this  inexpensive holiday gift online or buy at a local bookstore or gift shop.

 Look for something to spruce up the outside of her home, such as a brass door knocker, porch railing planter, decorative flag, or an inexpensive print to hang on the porch.

Replace something that is starting to look worn - hand towels, kitchen tools, welcome mat, pillow cases, etc. Click here to see ideas for personalizing cheap gifts like these.

Check discount stores for a relaxation CD with nature sounds or calming music.

Remember a place she dreams of visiting, then find a big coffee table book full of pictures of this place. Write in the front your wish that she will get to see it one day soon or put a dollar inside with a note that says, “Here’s the start of a vacation fund!”

Check second hand stores for a hammer, wrench, screwdriver, etc. and make a tool bouquet. If you have extra, include a package of nails and some Liquid Nails.

If you want something a little different from flowers, see this submission from a reader about giving her mother lilac trees as gifts

More Inexpensive Holiday Gifts for Her:

Pop up a really big batch of popcorn and put it in a large tin or bag. Wrap a small ring or set of earrings in tin foil and bury it down in the popcorn. Write on the lid or outside of the bag, “You’re one in a million!” (Be sure to tell her to hunt for the prize!)

Purchase her cheap gift from a local school or other fundraiser - a discount coupon book/card - so that she can save money all over town on food and services.

Choose an inexpensive bottle of perfume or body spray and write in the card, “I’ve always valued your good scents!”

Almost everyone likes a gift card! If you don't have much to spend on one, think about where you can get the most bang for your buck...such as a used bookstore, thrift store, or consignment shop. This makes a great cheap gift for a woman who is thrifty!

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