A Cheap Gift for Him

My husband, Joe, is so great that I don't even need a holiday to be looking for a cheap gift for him. The internet is quickly becoming my favorite place to find inexpensive gifts for men.

When I was at the hospital with our son, Jubal, I overheard a man talking about this great present he was putting together for his dad.

He went on ebay and entered the name of the aircraft carrier his dad was stationed on in WW2. He found an arial photo of this ship taken by one of the airplanes and bought it for a few dollars.

After having the photo enlarged and framed, he ordered a cap with the carrier's ID numbers printed on it. I love his idea!

It is harder for me to find a cheap gift for guys than for the girls I know, but I’ve done the work (!!!) and collected these great ideas for a cheap gift for a man so here you will find new items, presents from ebay, and even garage sale specials.

Photo thanks to Thomas's Pics & flickr.com

 Buy an old tin sign at an antique store, flea market or on ebay. There are also people who sell antique ads from OLD magazines. You can get some really fun pictures and slogans that look great framed as artwork.

    For a cheap gift for guys who live alone…or one who has a messy garage in need of organizing, buy a set of Rubbermaid storage dishes or small bins. Fill each one with a different kind of candy or snack for him to use up before he gets to work.

    Check out what concerts or events are coming in the near future and buy him a ticket to see one of his favorite artists or speakers.

Photo thanks to pedrosimoes7 & flickr.com

Find him an unusual hat…the hat he wears in his dreams! Ebay is a great place to look for a cowboy hat, fedora, beret. 

    Is there a man on your list you don't know very well? Here is a cheap gift for him: Buy him a fancy corkscrew and a bottle of wine or sparkling juice.

Find a magazine on a favorite niche topic or interest. Purchase one copy to wrap and then send in the subscription card for a year’s worth of giving.

Photo thanks to puuikibeach and flickr.com

 Ask his friends and family about what his very favorite toys were growing up. Locate the same on ebay. Best toys are action figures, cars, games, etc. Another great idea is to buy a miniature version of his dream vehicle or first car.

    Do you know a man who likes to keep up on the weather? Get him an outdoor thermometer.

    If the guy you know likes to learn, here is a cheap gift for him: Sign him up for a class he would enjoy taking such as cooking, finances, language, music, etc. Many high schools have adult enrichment classes year round.

    If you have no time to shop for a cheap gift idea for a man, buy a gift certificate from one of these places: go-cart track, hobby shop, toy store (YES!), pet store, auto parts supply, plant nursery, etc. If he is really thrifty, get him a gift certificate from a used bookstore, junkyard, thrift store, buy-sell-trade shop, etc.

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