Chain & Silk Necklace

by Alice
(New York)

Chain + Scarf = Necklace! Maegan /flickr

Chain + Scarf = Necklace! Maegan /flickr

Chain + Scarf = Necklace! Maegan /flickr
Photo: Maegan /flickr

Now this might surprise you, but to make the first chain and silk necklace all you need is...

a chain necklace and a silk scarf

Actually you don't even have to use silk. Any soft smooth fabric will do the trick. There are always a ton of these scarves at the thrift store for a dollar a piece.

All you do is weave the scarf through the chain about half way around, leaving the ends free to tie as shown.

For the second chain and silk necklace, you can get a little more detailed with fake jewels and/or other danglies.

This time you can even use the fabric from a cast off blouse or skirt that has a nice color or pattern. Cut it into small strips about six inches long or so and cut the ends into soft points, rather than squared off pieces. Weave one long thin strip through the chain, then add the little ties at intervals, along with any jewels or other items you chose.

Note from Mel:
You can see the tutorial for these necklaces at Maegan Tintari's blog. The direct link for the second necklace is:
Maegit Yourself Tutorial Lanvin Drop Necklace
and she shows a very professional way to attach the pearls. I am thinking that you could also sew them on, if you don't have the tools she does.

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