Breakfast Gift Basket Ideas

by Mel, the Gift Girl

These breakfast gift basket ideas are so fun!

Good Morning Gift Basket:

a box of cereal
a magazine, activity or puzzle book
a unique cereal bowl
comics to shred for basket filler

Here are some examples:

Alphabits cereal & crossword puzzle book
Wheaties (usually has a sports figure or race car) with a sports magazine
Granola & health magazine
Trix cereal and a Highlights magazine or kids' puzzle book
Kelloggs Cornflakes with a Start-Up or Entrepreneur magazine
Blueberry Morning and Bluberries for Sal

Breakfast in Bed Pancake Gift Basket
package of pancake mix (like Bob's Mill buckwheat mix)
maple or berry syrup
stir in ingredients like chocolate chips, raisins, or nuts
a whisk, spatula and/or pancake molds
and a mixing bowl with a pouring spout to put it all in

I gave my dad a breakfast gift basket with biscuit mix, Canadian bacon and three kinds of jam. - Janie in GA

We made a Christmas breakfast gift basket for our neighbors with some cute snowman paper plates and napkins, plain English muffins, Cinnamon Raisin English muffins, honey butter, strawberry butter, and Candy Cane Lane tea from the grocery store. - Polly V. in New Braunsfels, TX

Other things to add to your breakfast baskets:

protein bars
Raisin or cranberry bread
Cinnamon rolls or cinnamon roll mix
Maple leaf candies
printed or cloth napkins
coffee, tea or hot chocolate
coffee mugs
honey sticks

If you make a breakfast gift basket, send me a picture and a description and you could win a prize!

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