Boyfriend Holiday Gift Ideas

You'll find all different kinds of boyfriend holiday gift ideas here! Before my husband & I were married, I liked to come up with gifts & surprises for him, though sometimes it took me hours to think of the right gift.


Here are a variety of boyfriend holiday gift ideas to get you thinking. You can find more on my other pages about gifts for men & teens.

Is he a craft beer connoisseur?

Does he want to learn to brew his own beer?

A homebrew starter kit or supplies would be a great gift!

Put together a gift basket for him that includes  a t-shirt, cologne, a new watch or pair of sunglasses, his favorite beer,   snack foods and a handwritten poem or note.

See more homemade gift basket ideas here.

Photo thanks to Kusie

Another great food gift that most guys love is beef jerky! One large piece of meat will make a lot of jerky and the process is really not that difficult. Watch out! If you make a good batch, he may never want anything else.

Or, if your boyfriend is a hunter, get him what he needs to make his own jerky.

Buy him passes to go play paintball, ride go-carts, go bowling or practice at a driving range.

This boyfriend holiday gift idea is adaptable to your cooking abilities and time. The simple version is to buy him some nuts (or several varieties), wrap them up and write on the card, 'I'm nuts about you!" If you have more time and desire, you can buy raw nuts and cook up some gourmet recipes like spiced pecans, chocolate covered macadamia nuts, cinnamon walnuts or pecans.

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